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Obviously there can’t only be new holiday homes. When renting older properties, specifically older villas, you may encounter older terraces, marble floors, venetian blinds or sanitary fittings as they were common back when the objects were built. Unfortunately time may have left a few marks on our objects – yet this may contribute to their special charm.

All homes, which were fitted according to the individual taste of each owner, have comfortable furnishings and will guarantee a nice living atmosphere.

Construction sites are a common problem of many holidays. This is also true for the Algarve. It can happen that construction sites will appear on short notice without our knowledge. Should such a sudden construction site cause a great inconvenience we will do our best, to find acceptable solutions for our clients.

Soft or hard, too long or too short, too narrow or too wide. The majority of the owners have already exchanged the beds which are common in Portugal with regular Middle- and Northern European standard beds.

We tell you about the shopping facilities as far as they are known to us. Opening times and the range of goods may change at any time. The goods in supermarkets are according to European standards. 95% of all supermarkets are opened each day, even on weekends.

Distances are always estimated. Unfortunately we have no influence whatsoever on changes, re-routings, lane closures or obstacles that appear on short notice or because of the weather.

In the vicinity of sandy beaches the sand will always be problem, which the wind may blow in the direction of your holiday home. Even the best cleaning lady might not find each single grain of sand.

Due to the effect of the sun, erosion and usage, garden furniture is exposed to great strains. Therefore it is rare to have new ones in your holiday home. Stains are – especially close to the sea – inevitable.

Just like home, smells can arise always and everywhere without us or the owners being able to influence it. Even the siphon of your bathroom at home may emit smells during certain weather periods. Here in the south this too can happen, especially in regard to the different sanitary- and drain standards which are used here. These smells are no indicator for a lack of cleaning. Keeping the windows open will quickly help you to get rid of smells.

All sizes you will find on our webpage are estimated numbers or numbers which were given to us by the owners. Fanatic followers of German DIN-norms will certainly find small deviations, but we are giving our best to be as exact as possible.

The information, whether a home is equipped with a radiator or other heating possibilities, can be found in the holiday home´s description.

Insects are a tedious problem of holiday homes. No matter if it is ants or mosquitoes, it is out of our hands and it is not a sign of lacking cleanness. Especially ground floor objects are affected. That’s why you should never leave your groceries out in the open. All supermarkets have a variety of anti-insect sprays available.

The kitchens are equipped appropriately and can be considered fully adequate kitchens.

Sensitivity to noise is a very subjective matter. All of our presented holiday homes are situated in a relatively quiet location. But a quiet location can only relate to common situations, however, noisy co-vacationers or neighbours are out of our hands.

Of course we pay attention to a pleasant neighbourhood. But we have no influence on their good or bad behaviour, nor on their activities like barbecue, music, noise, etc. But in most cases a few friendly words will solve any problem.

Public works – and possible related noise or traffic re-directing – may happen during a holiday just as likely as they do at home. Unfortunately we have no influence over public works and cannot put an end to them. But we always do our best to keep you informed, should any such circumstances come to our knowledge.

We consider our guests to be open-minded and flexible. So you surely know that not everything can be just the way it is at home. This includes construction standards, stairs, windows and doors, railings, sanitary – or electrical facilities as well sizes and measures.

Rust is natural and inevitable in countries with a Mediterranean climate and especially in close vicinity to the sea. That’s especially true for the outside of our homes or on garden furniture.

Safety from burglary and theft can never be guaranteed. This doesn’t mean you have to expect them, but a normal amount of caution is always advisable. Portugal is still the country with the smallest crime rate in the EU.

You have decided to spend your holiday in a foreign country. Please respect the local customs and culture not only there, where sights and folklore make them visible for tourists but also when they might disturb you. This may concern southern nightlife or less thoughtful behaviour. Generally the Portuguese are a very friendly and cheerful people.

Animals are only allowed to bring along if this is agreed upon with us ahead of time. Most owners have no problems with animals, yet we ask you not to leave your dog or cat on the armchairs or couches.

Despite all of the mentioned situations which might occur – we are convinced that you will find a top holiday home and that you will be able to enjoy your holiday.

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