Apartments from one to three bedrooms for your holidays. The most with grandios seaview.

    Villas / Holiday Houses

    Villas / Holiday Houses

    Holiday villas with/without Pool for dreamful holidays, all with terrace. The most with beautyful seaview.

    Special Offers

    Special Offers

    Here you will find special offers for our properties. The most with dreamful view on the Atlantic ocean.

    Car Rental

    Car Rental

    Be mobile on holiday, find here your perfect rental car for your holiday.

    Terms of service

    Algarve Holiday Center provides vacation rentals and apartments in the Algarve, but does not offer package of travel services - is not a tour operator. In order to offer the service of car rental and flights can we refer to companies with whom we have been working closely for many years.

    We now look back on twelve years of experience in the leasing and management of villas and apartments in the metropolitan area of ​​Carvoeiro. Our aim is to make your holiday as good as possible.
    Since Algarve Holiday Center acts as an intermediary between homeowners and rental customers, we are not liable for damages that are associated with the property. All items offered for sale have individual owners, who are also responsible for the condition of the respective object. Therefore we ask you to forward any defects immediately to us so that we can remedy the situation as soon as possible. Complaints addressed to us will be automatically redirected.
    Execution of the lease agreement

    The tenant receives by email a copy of the rental agreement. The contract is immediately via fax or e-mail sent back to Algarve Holiday Center.
    Upon receipt of the lease, in the appendix contains information about arrival, the agreed deposit is payable immediately on one of the Algarve Holiday Center specified accounts. No later than three weeks before the start of the rental period, the open balance is paid.

    Tenants from abroad are asked to ensure that the entire rent arrives on the specified rent account, the foreign fee is not charged to Algarve Holiday Center.
    For bookings made by the tenant made eight weeks or less before the agreed rental period, the full rental fee is payable immediately upon receipt of the rental agreement.
    The lease between the Algarve Holiday Center and the tenant will not take effect until both the signed lease agreement and the agreed advance payment has been received at the Algarve Holiday Center. Until the effective date of the lease guarantees Algarve Holiday Center contractual use option by the lessee in the desired period.
    Before the start of the lease, the lessee may at any time withdraw from the contract. In the event of cancellation by the tenant loses Algarve Holiday Center the right to the agreed rent. Nevertheless Algarve Holiday Center is entitled alternatively,

    a) to demand adequate compensation. In this case, the amount of compensation determined by the rental price less the value of any savings from Algarve Holiday Center expenses and what can acquire Algarve Holiday Center by renting of accommodation.

    b) taking into account expenses saved and cross agency to charge a percentage of the rent compensation package. For this compensation package relative to the Mietobjekts the lease is agreement. Unless Algarve Holiday Center charges a percentage compensation fee, the tenant is expressly allowed to prove that a loss or reduction in value is not at all created or significantly lower than the fixed rate.
    The resignation is effective only when it is displayed against Algarve Holiday Center in writing. For the effectiveness of the cancellation notice, the identity of the tenant must be in a particular ad via e-mail that clearly. The time of receipt of the notice of cancellation by Algarve Holiday Center.


    Up to 5 weeks before departure 20%
    Up to 1 month before departure 40%
    Up to 2 weeks before departure 50%
    Up to 1 week prior to departure 70%
    After that, a refund is no longer possible.
    Algarve Holiday Center recommends that tenants take out travel insurance.


    Condition of the property

    The descriptions given by the Centre Algarve Holiday rentals were carefully examined and given in good faith. The owners strive to provide the tenant a claim according to the very well equipped house or apartment. The accommodations are furnished to the taste, but the owner, who does not always corresponds to the tenant.
    An impression of condition, facilities and view the desired Mietobjekts the tenant has obtained from photographs. Such photos are placed on the homepage of the Algarve Holiday Center on the Internet. The tenant to the extent the state of Mietobjekts known. He declares it to be properly and for the contractual use of suitability.
    Algarve Holiday Center is committed to the tenant the property - according to the contractual description and featured photos - while to leave the rental period.
    The tenant agrees to treat the property with all the facilities with care and with great care. The tenant makes sure that its members, its vicarious agents, etc. treat the property with all its facilities also care and with great care. He is liable for the obligations of its members, and vicarious agents.

    The lessee is liable for damage while using the Mietobjekts by himself, his family, servants or agents and the like culpability. Damages must be reported immediately to the Algarve Holiday Center, so can be taken immediately for replacement.

    In all properties linen and towels are provided, which can be used by the tenant and his family. The frequency of linen changes depends on the conditions of the individual objects. The towels in the rented houses or apartments may not be allowed on the beach.



    First If during the defect that one lease, the tenant must notify the Algarve Holiday Center or local service immediately. The same applies if a measure to protect the Mietobjekts against an unforeseen danger is necessary or a third party presumes a right to the property.

    With the defects of the tenants Algarve Holiday Center has a reasonable period to remedy the defect.

    If there are reasons that the object does not make it habitable (eg burst water pipe), will try Algarve Holiday Center to find a suitable alternative. If there is no appropriate alternative, the tenant receives the money back without any further liability.

    The tenant will be made aware that in Portugal, despite continuous improvement of the infrastructure from time to time - especially after storms - may cause temporary outages in public electricity and water supply. In these phases, these services can not be obtained.

    The tenant is also hereby informed that the rain can cause a sharp increase in humidity, which can be quite noticeable within the leased premises. The tenant agrees to in these situations, take appropriate precautions to protect technical or other sensitive equipment in the premises, eg by removing the plug from the socket to avoid short circuits.

    Second The tenant is made aware that public infrastructure is significantly expanded, which may bring spontaneous renovations of streets with them. This can in some cases cause roads are blocked without notice.

    Third By signing the lease the tenant declares that he has knowledge of the typical Portuguese living conditions due to the explicit policy knowledge. Algarve Holiday Center strives if required to inform the tenant if possible on short notice road reconstruction activities.


    During the months of November 1 to March 31 of the electricity will be charged according to consumtion, please ask for the actual price.

    The equipment and the prices for the Algarve Holiday Center are subject to change at any time. All rights reserved.

    The accuracy of the information, we assume no liability.


    The rental property is the tenant on arrival at 16:00 clock. On departure the accommodation must be vacated because of the cleaning up at 10:00 clock. For other arrangements Algarve Holiday Center is happy to assist where possible.

    The client is requested, Algarve Holiday Center his arrival -. Unless the tenant arriving by plane, the flight number - notify the lease, so that the introduction to the object, and the keys can be as smooth as possible
    If the tenant arriving very early, Algarve Holiday Center can assist you with the insinuation of luggage. For very late arrivals Algarve Holiday Center is willing to buy at Lessee food for the beginning of the rental period.

    Final Provisions

    Several parties are jointly liable for the obligations under the lease.
    If the tenant intends to keep pets in the property during the rental period, it has to be agreed with the Algarve Holiday Center. The animal husbandry is possible only after prior approval of the owners of rental properties.
    If any provision of the Terms or the remaining lease in whole or in part, be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected. In place of the invalid clauses, however, come a provision reflecting the economic purpose.

    Verbal agreements are only part of the contract, if they are written down.

    The tenant is required to notify in case of deviation of persons listed in the contract Algarve Holiday Center prior to arrival and to clarify whether the other configuration is possible and possibly sign a supplementary agreement. Failure to fulfill this duty Algarve Holiday Center is entitled to terminate the lease without notice.




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